The first ever reward token with guaranteed hourly payouts


Gas Fee Wallet

The Bull Shark contract is unique in that it utilizes the first ever automatic payout system based on a dedicated gas fee wallet. The wallet will automatically be filled monthly with earnings from reflections to match current holders and projected monthly trading volume. This allows for hourly payout without the usual delay required to accumulate gas fees.


Ten percent of the BNB from every buy and sell is directed into the reward wallet and is redistributed to the coin holders every 60 minutes. Because Bull Shark pays out stable coin reflections, the value of your passive income and rewards will never be subject to the market volatility that often effects similar reward tokens.


Three percent of the BNB from every buy and sell is directed into the liquidity pool. This helps manage the ever-growing need for liquidity in a project of this scale.


Two percent of the BULL SHARK from every buy and sell is immediately sent to the burn wallet. As the liquidity of the coin increases, so will the scarcity; a decrease in supply leads to an increase in value.

Connect with us!

While our project is new, it's backed by a team of developers who genuinely care about the quality of their work and the future of reward tokens as a whole. We are dedicated to producing and maintaining a coin that will eventually move past selective use and into the mainstream world of finance. Join our telegram for news and updates about the project!


Phase 1

Telegram group and website creation

Telegram based private sale

Dx Sale presale

Phase 2

Project launch and pancake swap listing

PooCoin advertisements

5000 telegram members

1000 holders

CertiK audit

CoinGecko listing

Phase 3

10% burn one month after launch

Minimum holding amount for rewards reduced at 5000 holders

Minimum holding amount for rewards reduced at 10000 holders

Celebrity collaboration

Phase 4

Currently in development

Email: BullSharkBNB@bullshark.net

Telegram: https://t.me/BullSharkBNB

Feel free to reach out, we would love to chat with you!

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